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10 Quickies to Prepare Yourself for a Scholarship Interview!

Everyone's nervous about an interview, and even more if it is a scholarship interview which could very much determine the direction of your life. To help you, we have listed 10 general quick tips to help you prepare a scholarship interview!

1. Know Where You’re Going!

Use MapQuest or call for directions at least ONE DAY IN ADVANCE. The last thing you want to be doing is driving in circles looking for a place you can’t find. This will invariably make you late. And being late is never acceptable.

2. Be on Time!

Better yet, be early (by at least fifteen minutes). This has two advantages: One, you will impress your interviewer; and two, you will allow yourself time to settle in to a new environment.

3. Don’t Be a Mouse!

Make eye contact with your interviewer, shake their hand (firmly!) when you introduce yourself, SMILE. Studies show that if you portray that you are the right person for the job/position/scholarship you are more likely to land it, and the more personable you are, the more the interviewer will respond to you. Believe in yourself! And then make the interviewer believe in you.

4. Manners, Manners, Manners!

No scratching, chewing gum, cracking knuckles, or smoking. If you do smoke, do NOT smoke right before the interview (as many people associate smoking with lax personal morals). Sit up straight. Use “Ma’am” or “Sir” when addressing the interviewer. Say please and thank you. You know the deal.

5. Dress Nicely!

If you’re a girl, wear a skirt. If you’re a guy, wear a button down and slacks. No jeans. No shorts. No tennis shoes. The key here is to make it look as though you actually put in some thought into your appearance because that shows the interviewer that you are taking this opportunity (and their money) seriously.

6. Do Your Homework!

If the Fraternal Order of Police is sponsoring your scholarship, take a few minutes and read their mission statement on their website. The same goes for all other organizations. If you are going to be given a scholarship with the expectation that you will be contributing a tradition, it is a good idea to know exactly what that tradition is. Interviewers appreciate a little investment in their organization by applicants.

7. Be Honest!

This means that if you don’t know the answer to a question, say you don’t know. Do not try to “snow” your interviewer or make something up. You never know the background of who is interviewing you, and the last thing you want to do is inadvertently offend or make yourself look dumb by trying to pretend you know something you don’t.

8. Focus on the Positive

You really hated your high school? Fine, most of us did. But the last thing an interviewer wants is to listen to you rant about it. Instead, find one good thing about your school to talk about. Just one. And then elaborate. The same is true for life experiences. Find that silver lining and then tell it to your interviewer.

9. Know your application!

Read over your scholarship application once or twice before you go to your interview so that you remember what you wrote when you are asked about your responses during your interview (which you inevitably will be).

10. Smile!

But don't ever over do it. Be sincere and genuine. Over-doing it will just have your application form being thrown into the dustbin the moment you step out of the room.

To read up more about these tips, visit the full article HERE!


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